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I would also recommend using a wood conditioner first so the stain is absorbed evenly. I’ll do a quickie tutorial in a future post if anyone is interested. It also says in finer print, “There are no mistakes that can’t be remedied with sandpaper”. It still provides a landing spot for junk mail and groceries.

If you want to see the beautiful wood grain showing through, I would recommend applying a separate stain and poly. I love how the piping gives such a finished, tailored feel to the chairs. And it still gives Brennan a place to stack nearly every toy in the immediate vicinity.

One of them is my desk: May I have your attention: My desk is no longer black…see the makeover HERE. , because I wasn’t really feeling the stain idea after I brought it home, I dreamed up the most fabulous paint treatment in my head. You know how you just get a feeling when something feels right? Well I shared my plan with my mom and my MIL who unanimously agreed I should stain the table.

We stock, Art Deco bedroom chairs, Art Deco easy chairs, Art Deco club chairs, Art Deco bentwood chairs and Art Deco loungers etc.

Not forgetting the largest selection of Art Deco three piece suites to be found anywhere in the U. Selected items of our current stock can be offered in its original condition.

This is where you get to see not only some of our stock that has been sold but also three piece suites and armchairs that we have reupholstered to customers specifications, just to give you an idea of what can be achieved with all of our Art Deco seating furniture.

Click here to go to our cloud 9 art deco archive section.

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