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Thousands were arrested and eight years later, hundreds have yet to be sentenced.Their fate has returned to the spotlight following the kidnapping of around 30 Lebanese soldiers and policemen in August 2014.And it required a hooded, Special Forces team to do it. The prison installed a state of the art communications interceptor in 2011. Those connections on the outside include contact with those who took the kidnapped soldiers.

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Sparks fly as new 200 kilogram doors are installed, and the damage done by the inmates, who set fire to their foam mattresses in protest at the raid, is repaired.

Al-Qaeda in Sham [the Levant], the black graffiti on the door on the first floor still reads.

Although trials are speeding up, the risk of on-site radicalisation persists.

The phones are gone, and the interceptor activated to block any device that hasn’t been found. Those fresh off the battlefield are mixing with veterans who have fought against the Lebanese Army.

Those soldiers were battling militants from Jabhat al-Nusra and the Isis.