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Variety says a majority of the sources sited Kriesberg's alleged sexualized comments about women's appearances, their clothes, and their perceived desirability.

Kreisberg strongly denied the allegations in Variety's story.

Running, walking, beachcombing, people-watching or snorkelling are just a few of the activities available - or you can do nothing but lie in the sunshine and soak up the warmth.

Especially for a holiday during the winter months, enjoying the sunshine and heat is enough to make the visit a perfect trip.

ever told him to not make sexually harassing comments to women.

Some of the accusers said that as he gained more authority, he would get more aggressive. 'It became clear to me that it would be very dangerous, career-wise, for me to confront him about his behavior.'One woman quoted the show-runner as saying: 'You should have seen the other dogs we interviewed for that position.' Kreisberg denies saying this.'Younger women were constantly belittled and subjected to nasty comments,' said a writer who has worked with Kreisberg.

After these attempts, he says, Kreisberg often would not speak to him for days, or he would ignore what was said.