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This surgery is a great way of helping people to rediscover the pleasures of pedal power and making sure your bike is safe"The Bike Medical Card scheme is a wonderful and innovative initiative. The scheme shows foresight and encourages Mayo people to get back cycling and reconnect with their environment and community.

Mr Noel Gibbons road safety Officer said The Valentine’s campaign is targeted primarily at young male drivers.

Statistics show that this group is involved in more road traffic collisions than any other category of driver.

Even small amounts of fuel spilled on a road are very dangerous.

It is effectively like hitting a patch of sheer ice; braking and traction can be lost in an instant.’ Mr Noel Gibbons urged "All drivers of agricultural vehicles, fuel delivery trucks and hauliers to ensure their fuel tanks are secure as we have had quite a few diesel spills on our roads lately, apart from the cost to the local authority to clean up these spills, these spills can cause the loss of a life." Castlebar Gardai said "We back this initiative 100 per cent because I don't think that drivers appreciate the dangers that are involved from spilled fuel, any measures to reduce collisions is most welcome, this initiative to highlight the problems caused by diesel spillage is an excellent idea." , Environment Awareness Officer with Mayo County Council added her support to the “Cap it” initiative.

We know that trying to use your phone while you drive is lethal.