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He said that it was fine and that he’d be coming from work too.

We met at 8 PM and I was famished after a long twelve hour work day.

What kind of self-proclaimed Chef doesn’t care about the state of their companion’s stomach – especially at a prime eating hour like 8 PM?! Chef Bagel actually referred to himself as a Chef [BAGEL]. She taught him how to make a lot of pasta and various other delicious Italian foods. I grew up helping my mom cook for the first 17 years of my life. Without giving too much away about this bagel, let’s just say that he does not work in a restaurant, nor should he really be calling himself a chef. He did, however, tell me many stories that were the epitome of the #humblebrag and was sadly met with an unenthusiastic look on my face.

I manned up and grabbed a drink, hoping that his charming personality and intriguing conversation would suppress my hunger. All of these notes could have been small bumps in the road that could have been overlooked, but here comes the kicker.

We don’t expect the guy in our life to take care of us.