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This in turn leads to some non-Chinese women being the subject of unwanted attention or sexual harassment.

To some people they’re an unremarkable trapping of wealth, to others a sign of the materialism of the times. Some men dating Chinese women may find this a problem.

Oddly enough, Western women dating Chinese men almost never come across it.

A popular Chinese insult is ‘shăbī’, which would translate literally to ‘stupid c**t’.

When written it’s considered somehow less offensive to write a capital B instead of the Chinese character. If you’re only in China for a short time, it might be worth bringing your own, just to save the effort of buying them. Don’t buy condoms from the tiny sex shops which sometimes (perhaps unwittingly) sell fakes, and stick to brands you know.

It stems from the fact that some Chinese people think that only sluts and whores enjoy sex.