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Grindr isn’t the only dating app that includes profiles called racist, but Rivel notes that Grindr, “whether we like it or not, is the leader in the gay dating app space and they set a tone for the rest of the gay community.” “Grindr has been highlighted in the press repeatedly as being racist and only profiling men who fit one standard of beauty,” Rivel told warned, “Here's One Brutal Truth Every White Gay Man Needs to Hear” and wrote about Grindr as a place where “gay men brandish their racial dating preferences” with “unapologetic bravado.” Those are just two examples among many.

The website Douche Bagsof catalogs a number of racist examples.

The dating app has released a new video series called 'What the Flip', where two gay men of different backgrounds swap profiles so they can see the treatment the other receives on a regular basis.

The vice-president of marketing at Grindr, Peter Sloterdyk, told the Huffington Post, "We decided to focus Grindr’s first ever web series on the issues of racism, ageism, and other related issues because it’s highly relatable to anyone who dates online.

Our hope is to raise awareness around the problems modern gay men face online and in real life and be a part of the discourse that works to create more tolerance and empathy for diversity in the online dating world.” The first video in the series shows a white gay man and an Asian gay man swapping profiles, and the results are eye-opening.

The white user explains to host Billy Francesca that he received far less interest as an Asian man, and ended up having to ask race-related questions like 'Are you into Asians? He also came across the term 'rice queen' for the first time (a terms used on gay dating apps to describe a gay man who fetishises Asian men), and learned that sexual stereotypes were associated with the term.

Rivel tells that fighting racism, though, is everyone’s job at Jack'd.