Gorillaz 2d noodle dating

Noodle and 2D took their seats on the soft sand and watched the sun slowly disappear behind the water.

And you could vaguely see a city off in the distance."This is….beautiful." Noodle whispered, holding 2D's hand softly and gazing out upon the sunset."Yeah….

" Murdoc yelled as Russel stepped out of his hotel room. I mean, I slept great.""We know, Russel-san…heard you…." Noodle dragged herself out of her room, still rubbing her eyes sleepily."It's about time you woke up! " Noodle asked worriedly and Murdoc automatically realized what must have happened."…. " 2D was standing in the doorway, and Murdoc and Russel turned to face him. He REALLY wished that he could just confess and get it over with. We're headin' for tha hotel." Murdoc muttered, walking off to the bus stop. Noodle was lying on the bed of her hotel room, chatting on the phone with one of her good friends.

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People looked over at her as she ran by; it was kind of awkward to see someone all dressed up running down the halls of the hotel in platform sandals. " the man asked, looking over at Noodle."Yeah." Noodle replied, too tired to really add anything else."Well congrats.

Noodle ignored the strange glances she was receiving and hurriedly ran to the elevator."Hold the lift please! A young man in a business outfit placed a hand on the side of the elevator's door, causing it to stop from closing at the last second. And good luck." He smiled politely."Thanks." Noodle stood up straight as the elevator came to its stop finally."You're welcome." He stepped out of the elevator and Noodle did the same. It's a bit far to the beach." Noodle took 2D's hand in hers and walked excitedly to the lobby's exit.

She sighed heavily and placed a hand on her stomach. Noodle also noticed that her long purple hair was slightly messy. She brushed her hair silently, looking in the mirror at herself and thinking deeply. The intense silence was broken by a sudden knock on the door. She glanced at herself in the mirror to make sure that she was done. She quickly grabbed a pair of shoes and slipped them on carefully.

After Noodle had told her friend Jess goodbye, she closed her cell phone and sighed. Noodle stood up and walked over to the mirror in her room. Her stomach was twice its normal size but the rest of her body was its regular size. She turned away from the mirror and sat down on the bed, still brushing her hair wordlessly. Noodle saw that it was only 2D and unlatched the door."Hello 2D-sanuma." Noodle chimed."'ello luv. He was uncertain if, after this morning's incident, Noodle would be willing to go out somewhere with him."Sure 2D-san! Noodle swiftly dried her hair with the blow-dryer and brushed it one last time.

" Noodle embraced him and he smiled down at her."Oy luv, you sure look nice." 2D kissed her lightly on the cheek. The pungent stench of car exhaust wafted through the air as a car drove by with its tailpipe spitting the thick clouds of it out. Sure there was the pollution of cars and all, but that's the price to pay for such a wondrous place."Uhhh Noodle luv, 'ow do y' get a cab around 'ere?