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That is the dilemma of the Jaffna Tamils..."“We should write the people’s history of the northeast.

It is important to discover and publish old palm leaf manuscripts such as ‘Mattakkalappu Poorva Sariththiram’ (Ancient History of Batticaloa) to bring out the history of the communities that live in this region.

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creates the mode of consciousness and this can in a historical perspective become an indicator of national consciousness...

While not buying into the more sinister version of this revision, which accuses the inventors of the Aryan invasion theory of malice and cynicism, there is no doubt that early European attempts to explain the presence of Indians in India had much to with the commonly held Biblical belief that humankind originated from one pair of humans- Adam and Eve to be precise ..." "Although lacking supporting scientific evidence, this (Aryan Invasion) theory, and the alleged Aryan-Dravidian racial split, was accepted and promulgated as fact for three main reasons.

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    Under the plan, Palestinian authorities would be expected to arrest militants and confiscate illegal arms.