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Shares lower than 60 % occurred in Greece and Poland (57 % each), Bulgaria (49 %) and Romania (42 %).Age and level of formal education have a significant impact on the use of internet by individuals (Figure 4): differences revealed the existance of 'digital divide' across generations and educational attainment.Over the last ten years, the percentage of households connecting to the internet with broadband almost doubled.

At the other end of the ranking scale, the lowest proportions were registered in Bulgaria (64 %) and Greece (69 %) followed by Romania and Lithuania (72 % each).

Between 20, significant increases (about 30 percentage points) in the share of households connected to the internet were observed in Bulgaria and Romania, though still remaining at the lower end of the scale.

It takes a closer look at the type of internet connection used by households, as well as at internet users’ activities.

A large majority of Europeans used the internet in 2016.

96 % of individuals aged 16-24 were regular internet users against 57 % in the 55-74 age group.