Validating steam files stuck at 54

validating steam files stuck at 54-31

Artist, Graphic Designer, Cartographer, Le Mans, France Graphic Design & Layout Paris, September 2017 – A © Mycle Schneider Consulting Project The cover page was designed by Agnès Stienne. Rodriguez and Andreas Rüdinger to the team of contributing authors. A big chunk of the success of this project is due to its visibility through the graphic illustrations based on the project database designed and maintained by data engineer Julie Hazemann. We are fortunate that Nina Schneider put her excellent proof-reading skills to work again, and contributed background research. Many other people have contributed pieces of work to make this project possible and bring it to the current standard.

The picture below the solar panel is based on a photography of the Juragua site in Cuba, where building of two Russian-designed 413 MW reactors started in 1983 and was abandoned in 1992. The project coordinator wishes to thank Antony Froggatt, all-time key contributor to this project. The new cooperation with artist and graphic designer Agnès Stienne, who created the entirely new layout, turned out very fruitful. These include in particular Shaun Burnie, whose multiple contributions have been invaluable and highly appreciated.

Ten reactors started up in 2016, of which one-half were in China.

Two reactors were connected to the grid in the first half of 2017—one in China, one in Pakistan (by a Chinese company)—the first units to start up in the world whose construction started after the Fukushima disaster began.

The value of this report is that this conclusion no longer relies on hope or opinion but is what is actually happening. Nuclear power is far from dead but it is in decline and renewable energy is growing by leaps and bounds.