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Like all the other "squints", she is interested in Booth and Brennan's relationship.She often overhears Booth and Brennan's telephone exchanges or overly intimate conversations, and smiles or shakes her head at their apparent obliquity and insistence their relationship is strictly platonic and professional.

In The Steel in the Wheels, Hodgins finds the body of the Gormogon's apprentice, Ray Porter's true killer and he keeps Cam on hand when he brings the coffin in to prevent any accusations of evidence tampering.

Cam watches as Hodgins opens the coffin and is surprised by the preserved state of the Apprentice's clothes.

In the middle of this Season, a slaver ship called the Amalia Rose is recovered and Cam's link to her family who were treated like cattle bothers her more than she lets on.

In the beginning of Season 9, her identity is stolen by Haley Kent.

However, Cam finds it too perfect and refuses to consider it in case Hodgins faked it.