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“Cozy” is a beautiful, modern version that’s more spaced out and displays user icons in the chat window.

“Compact” view has put in some time at the gym: it nixed the user icons and ensures a tight chat window for more messages.

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You chat with family and friends, you attend to your correspondence, you consult menus and shopping lists, you observe road signs, and so on.

Then you enter your study, where language exists in quite another form - as the stuff of patterned artifice.

Martin Amis While sanctions against Iran and Syria are intended to constrain those countries' governments, they have had the unfortunate side effect of constraining activists' access to free online software and services used widely across the Middle East, including browsers, online chat applications, and online storage services.

Rebecca Mac Kinnon In business, when you can meet an unmet need that is this primal, even meeting it in a superficial way can create a multi-billion-dollar business - e.g., the chat rooms in AOL when it first came out, or the lounges in Starbucks, or the billion people who are on Facebook - even though these are hardly the most intimate of life experiences.

G'day = I'm that really creepy dude you hate talking to, so I'm trying to make you feel at ease by being a little cutesy. hey you = We're in the early stages of flirting, and I'm confident that I have all the power right now.29. What I'm really asking is, "The fuck is wrong with you? heya = I've done something humiliating and need to confess.34.