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“We put your information into the computer and it tells us if we can offer you a lower interest rate,” said a former Capital One rep who left the job in 2013. Most of us have a surprising amount of discretion to refund over-limit fees, finance charges, non-bank ATM fees, returned payment fees and, especially, late fees.Just make sure you say, “Can you please remove this fee?

(It wasn’t easy because many call centers are offshore, and banks have strict rules about talking to the media.) Here, their true confessions about what it’s really like to work in a credit card call center and their best insider tricks for getting what you want from your credit card company: 1.

We get a bonus if we get you off the phone quickly.

We may say, ‘We’d like to show you that we value you as a customer by giving you a $50 statement credit (or 1,000 bonus points).’ But if you haven’t used your card for two years, then we’re not making money on you, so you’ll come up red.

The retention tool will tell me just to ‘reinforce card benefits,’ which means I can’t offer you anything. More than half of our calls are from people who are already frustrated or angry, but if you have a condescending or irritated tone, it just makes us less willing to help.

I can only tell you what’s great about the card.” 11. Not because we don’t like them, but because they tend to do things more slowly and they like to chat, so the calls can take longer. I’ve had birds since I was 10 years old,’ and I’m thinking, ‘Oh, noooo … “One of my most memorable calls was a customer who had a credit limit of about $600,000,” recalls one rep.