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So she plopped down behind the desk she’s sitting at now, looked out at the water, and began to type.

“Jade” said she was frustrated by her husband’s white friends constantly asking her to speak for black people as a group. Laura said she didn’t think that was racist, the woman asked, “How about the N-word? Laura, who has spent countless hours on the air castigating women who “choose” victimhood, is to hear a lot about another victim who she believes has been lambasted, unappreciated, and unfairly singled out: herself.

“The genesis of this book is my personal rage,” Dr.

And she has gotten very, very rich doing it (in 1997, she and her husband and a partner sold her show to Jacor Communication for $71.5 million). Laura’s words have offended people, she has often been the one to cry foul.

She likes to cast herself in the role of a doting parent; sometimes she calls herself Mother Laura.

Inside is a huge desk with a nameplate that says GO, DO THE RIGHT THING, an oblong microphone, two computers, a fireplace, and an outrageous view of the water. Once, in response to an interviewer’s question, her husband and manager, Lew Bishop, predicted that someday, maybe, his wife would relax. “I relax by doing things.” Just listen to all the things she’s done in the past six months.