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If more than a few confidantes have advised you to get counseling or pastoral guidance, they are telling you: (1) your issues are too big for them to handle and (2) only God, or someone trained to deal with insane or possessed people, can help you.

You’re a Hater If you’re an ABW, it’s hard for you to take your eyes off your own discontentment long enough to be happy for somebody else.

You’ll look for any excuse to avoid celebrating weddings, baby showers, housewarmings, promotions or anything that you would prefer be happening to you. However, I take it as an indicator of my loveable charm.

A twinge of jealousy isn’t abnormal, but a tirade about how life isn’t fair because you deserve all the good fortune others are experiencing, is a symptom of the syndrome. For the life of them, those around me cannot understand why some guy hasn’t seen all the wonderful attributes and characteristics they see in me. Even the rational irritations seem irrational when the ABW adds her tainted spin to the tales.

The past few years have been challenging living separate as Charrisse worked diligently to keep her family unit together.