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One day, while the two of them were walking around the castle grounds, they encounter Titania's father the king talking to a well-dressed young man.The young man turns out to be a visiting prince who had traveled there to seek Titania's hand in marriage.After Sakray is thrown into the dungeon, Titania is dragged out of bed to be tortured by the prince.

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The Gray Equipment Set is a set of armors, boots, cloak, helmet, and shield, sculpted out of Gray Shard and infused with Sakray's Abandoned Memories. Gives a chance to cast Drain Life Lv3 when receiving Melee Physical Damage.

They have a special ability of resisting the Holy element.

You can purchase element proof potions or elemental converters!

The Hall of Abyss patch also comes with these armors..

You can get the armors (given in random) shown below from the same machine by purchasing the Black Paw jellybag.