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Yet at this excellent moment in his life, he looks a little grave. "Two people who were destined to meet and, I guess, have me." So, many years afterward, he still smiles as he imagines them riding off in an MG with the top down.

In part, that's because of his strong, dark features--a face brooding enough for a long career in cigarette ads. The circumstances of Diane's death remain mysterious.

"He asked an awful lot of questions," Mac recalls with a laugh.

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Then he was grabbing a coffee at Venice's Novel Café and he looked up: "I knew from that moment," he says.

"I said, That's her--that's the woman I've been searching for my whole life." Shiva Ashfar was an art student at UCLA and an actress. But by the time the movie was released a year later, Dylan had made his biggest impact as an actor and was engaged to be married.

Mac had waited nine anxious months before he introduced his son to the woman who would become his third wife: Eve Ensler, a twenty-three-year-old playwright who'd carved a rich creative life out of a turbulent childhood.

Five minutes after meeting Dylan, she suggested--insisted is more like it--that he become an actor. She took him to acting classes and even wrote roles for him in her own plays.

"She was that one person who changes your life," he says.