Britney spears and simon cowell dating

Lovato recounted getting her official offer for the show (“I just sat the phone down and was like, ‘Oh my God, this is totally a God thing’ because it came at the perfect time in my life") and stole the spotlight with her quick quips directed at Cowell.

But she was voted off after judge Simon Cowell told her: "You're out of your depth in this competition."Hudson later admitted: "I cried all the next day.

It definitely hurt."Unfortunately, Dreamgirls co-star Eddie Murphy was not so gracious.

PHOTOS: The Evolution of Boy Bands Admitting that Louis and Harry might be the best suited to serve as judges on the show (“they’re the ones that probably talk more than the others”), Cowell added, “All five of them should just come on as a judge.” Following screams of approval from the audience, he continued, “That would work.” Asked whether a Lovato-One Direction collaboration was in the works, Cowell jumped in with an idea we can definitely get behind: "A Demi-Britney duet." This isn't the first time Cowell has proposed the concept, but the ladies are bound to oblige eventually, right?

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“But he added, ‘I feel my character, the character of Simon Cowell, is made to look a bit of an idiot’.