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When intellectual property lawyer Christina Gagnier first saw this patent, she described it to me as “way too broad.

But, it was granted back in 1999, so I think that’s one of the problems with broad software patents.”Super-broad software portfolios are often held simply as a weapon of preemption or intimidation, because they can instigate a settlement — even if a win in court is unlikely.

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Jcrush, Jwed, Jzoog are just a few of the Jewish dating apps on the market.

And, it’s not just dating apps; there’s also the now defunct JVibe, a teeny-bop magazine for pubescent chosen people, which was established way back in 2004.

I never once thought that there was any affiliation between Jswipe and Jdate,” said the the female of the couple, who was unaware of the lawsuit.

I’ve also been a longtime Jswipe user, and I never thought the app was related to Jdate.

So, why go after Jswipe, specifically, and not the entire online dating scene?