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But once the Reveal Shot has occurred where the camera pulls back to reveal the whole scene, the action involved is entirely innocent and the dialogue turns out to be referring, entirely or mostly, to these innocent actions — it is only in the dirty minds of the viewers that anything untoward happened. In many cases, if you listen carefully to the supposedly innocent phrases, they don't sound natural, don't fit the conversation, and are totally unlike the way the characters usually speak. " Phoenix: "Maybe I should ask more about Max's bust...

In fact, it was tailor-made to lead to a misunderstanding, and makes a lot more sense in that context than in the supposed true meaning. Not that I'm into that kind of thing..." Chi-Chi: Alright! Krillin: Look Chi-Chi, if it really upsets you, we'll all take turns pounding your tuna, ok?

Sometimes, the viewers will see the explanation of the scene first, and then we cut to an angle from which an ugly subtext can be (mis)construed by outside observers. Sometimes prompts someone to say "Is That What They're Calling It Now?

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    A conversation with Paul Taylor involving several cups of tea, recipes for French crepes, our terrible rap skills, a funny old comedy song about English workmen drinking tea, some improvised comedy role plays and a very angry Paul ranting about bad customer service in France! This one is about visiting the Navajo Nation, meeting some Navajo people, seeing more natural wonders at Monument Valley and The Grand Canyon, a couple of film recommendations our experience of the solar eclipse and a few more anecdotes about the rest of our road trip. In this episode I’m going to continue telling you stories of my recent holiday and there will be descriptions of impressive rocky landscapes, a sort of geology lesson and a brief history of planet earth.

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    The primary goal of systems engineering (SE) is to develop a solution that meets the needs and requirements of stakeholders.

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    Please specify in addition to serial number and company label (Louis Lachenal or Lachenal & Co.

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    Write a program that randomly chooses and displays four digits, each from 1 ──► 9 (inclusive) with repetitions allowed. cr 0 die ; : get-input 70 null con:accept dup user-input ! if drop goodbye then ; : compare-digits true swap ( \ inputed-array index dup a:@ nip n:= not if break swap drop false swap then ) 0 3 loop drop ; /^\D*(\d)\D (\d)\D (\d)\D (\d)\D*$/ var, digits-regex : all-digits? if drop false else 5 = not if false else \ convert the captured digits in the regex into a sorted array: digits-regex @ ( r:@ n swap ) 1 4 loop drop 4 a:close ' n:cmp a:sort compare-digits then then ; : does-eval? In order to play, press the corresponding label to draw that number onto the stack, then press the corresponding operation ( ,-,*,/) to perform it on the stack elements postfix-wise according to the rules of befunge (i.e. todo: add a validation that all given digits were used. Note: you cannot form multiple digit numbers from the supplied digits, so an answer of 12 12 when given 1, 2, 2, and 1 would not be allowed. #lang racket (define (interprete expr numbers) ;; the cashe for used numbers (define cashe numbers) ;; updating the cashe and handling invalid cases (define (update-cashe! / ,y ...) (/ (parse x) (parse y))] [`(,x ,op ,y ...) (error "Unknown operator: " op)] ;; opening redundant brackets [`(,expr) (parse expr)] ;; parsing numbers [(? ")] [(n) (new-game)] [else (define ans (interprete user-expr numbers)) (case ans [(24) (printf "Indeed!