Dating dealing with competition

Meaning, they can bid on broad keywords like “kite, fun with kites, California kites etc.” Typically, these broad terms can eat up a daily budget, leaving you without any conversions.

But if you have a large enough budget, there’s no harm in bidding on those terms. Since Company B has more limited offerings and lower profits, they need to be more cautious and strategic with the keywords they’re bidding on.

If this happens enough, it could eat up their daily budget, leaving nothing left for more targeted traffic that could actually convert.

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Company B is baffled that another kite company can do so well, in the same state, while the offerings are virtually the same. Accordingly their audience is almost triple what Company B’s audience is.

If Company B started adding keywords into their account like “water kite” their ads may start to show, but in reality they should not be showing.

I’d like to conclude with this advice: Be the best version of yourself – in life and in PPC!

Do what you can to continuously optimize your account, but don’t advertise products or services you don’t offer or try to be something you aren’t.

(Branded campaigns can also increase your Quality Score.) There is no way you can take a “quick peek” at another company’s Ad Words account. Everyone needs the same reverence and confidentiality that Ad Words provides to you; simply respect that and put your focus and attention on your own account.