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With the current popularity of sweet gourmand frangrances, Shalimar is evolving into a fragrance that can be unisex, not for the weak trendy demographic. I do not think this is a sexy scent, I think this is more of a skin scent.

I say skin scent because this is how your skin will smell after spending a day in an Oriental market - sweaty pungent smell mingled with incense, floral, and spice. I love so many Guerlain creations, but Shalimar - no matter how many times I wear it - always comes off bitter and medicinal on me.

There is a beautiful vanilla that has real depth to it. I can understand why- it was one of the most beautiful, elegant scents I've ever come across. There's no other classic masterpiece like this perfume. It´s a breathtaking perfume & it still has something to say.

When I smell this perfume I think of autumn, when people gather piles of dry leaves and burn them, or of winter somewhere in a rural area, sitting in front of a fireplace with wood burning. I don't think I can pull off this type of fragrance, but I'll give it another chance. I hope that soon I´ll grow up and Shalimar will become my close companion. Out of curiosity, I tried this one in the mall from one of the perfum booths and it was just confirmed my thought.

EDT and EDP..I get is the strongest bergamot, leather and smoke. This is the most seductive woman perfume I ever smell! To my nose it was definitely intended to be worn as an adjunct to furs...minks...ermines.